Our College Funding Experts reveal key strategies that will save your family thousands on the high cost of college. 

Learn how to send your student to the college of their choice without going broke or bankrupting your retirement! 

discover the inside tips and techniques most others don't know about... 

Avoid Costly Mistakes...

and get the most money possible!

Both Parents and Students are encouraged to attend a free workshop in your area. 


Seating is limited 
and reservations are required.

To find out the 
next workshop date and 
location in your area,
 call our office (847) 888-3929 or visit our click on the Workshop webpage. 

 The College Funding Team is dedicated to helping families 
make dreams a reality.



Is your child is a high school student and the cost of college has exceeded your wildest expectations - anywhere from $20,000 to $55,000 per year?  And when more than 60% of students take five+ years to graduate, and the average family has several college bound children, financing college can be overwhelming. 

If you're like most parents, the two biggest questions on your mind right now are:
      "How much will it cost?" and   "How will I pay for it?"

College Funding Team can eliminate your anxieties by helping you plan your child's education - from the first chapter to the last - without emptying your savings account or retirement funds.

Not only do we know the most efficient and effective ways to pay for college but we also focus on matching your child's interests and academic standing with the best school for your educational dollars. We can walk you through what to do and when best to do it. 

Our mission is to advise parents of college-bound high school students on all phases of college financial planning.  College Funding Team offers a unique & invaluable service in which we show parents how to make college more affordable by managing the college admissions & financial aid process on their behalf, working closely with them to identify all of the grants, loans, & scholarships available, and submitting the myriad of forms and paperwork that are associated with this process.  

Simply, we deliver PEACE OF MIND in knowing that everything will be done 100% accurately and on time, and that you will learn every strategy that is out there to lower your family's out-of-pocket college costs as much as legally possible!   By working with us, you will ALWAYS have someone on your side who can answer your questions when you want them answered

College planning is exactly that, planning. Don't wait, then cram the night before, like so many of us do. Contact us now and attend a College Funding Workshop and get yourself (and your soon to be graduate) prepared!


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